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I dreamt a dream in Crystal slumber...

but the time for waiting has past.

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Name:Serah Farron
Birthdate:Aug 1
Website:Serah Farron

Serah Farron
In Final Fantasy XIII-2, after the events of history are altered, even after three years Serah is continually doubtful of the reality she lives in. She seemed to hold out for three years with the belief that her sister is alive out there, but it isn't until Noel shows up that she has the strength to leave home and find out, instead of waiting to be taken care of. She expresses that it took Snow's and Lightning's departures for her to find her own identity, to make a niche for herself and settle down on a path, but it doesn't take long for her to blossom after setting out. Noel shows her the ropes of fighting along the way and Serah reveals a strong, confident young woman, even quite a bit willful and hotblooded! Her outward demeanor is still sweet and considerate of those around her, masking her fears of not being able to do what they've set out to do, as well as her initial fear and confusion over the visions that she has and what it means each time she has a new one, coming closer to death. Even in light of this terrifying prospect through her sheer strength of moral character she has a strong desire to continue helping others and making things right for the future, even problems that have little to nothing to do with her own.

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